Compact Pocket Blanket – Review

Compact Pocket Blanket – Review

Whether your out for a sun busking experience at the beach, on a camping trip, or a picnic, you need a blanket. However, a normal blanket is not ideal for most outdoor experiences, which is why you need a pocket blanket. It is lightweight, waterproof, sand-proof, and easy to pack away, making it the ideal.

Oceas has just the right pocket blanket to elevate all your outdoor experiences. This stylish blanket folds down to the size of your smartphone, so it fits perfectly into your pocket. It is completely waterproof, wind-proof, and sand-proof, allowing you to enjoy it while at the beach, a concert, or a picnic with your family. If you are an outdoor person, you never want to be without your compact blanket for those impromptu adventures. No matter the situation, it will always be useful.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the Oceas compact pocket blanket. Oceas is a popular brand for its top-notch products, whose quality supersedes the industry standard. Moreover, their products are as versatile as can be.

Features and Specifications

Oceas specifically designed this blanket for outdoor lovers just like you. A single look at it and you will notice its simple yet nifty design. Don’t be conned by its simplicity; the blanket has quite a few great features. These include:

     1. Size

When laid out, the blanket measures 60" x 55”, which is a perfect fit for 3-4 adults seated. However, if you want to lie down and relax, the blanket will easily accommodate two grownups. For the sake of your expectations, it is important to note that the blanket is a tad bit small to accommodate your stretched out legs when lying down.

You will definitely appreciate the size of the blanket once packed up. It packs up to 3” x 4”, almost the same size as a deck of cards. It comes with a compact spandex storage pouch that stretches just enough for easy packing.

     2. Material

Oceas uses Ripstop Polyester plus a PU coating to design their blanket. These materials are quite unique and accountable for the blanket’s waterproof, sand-proof, and wind-proof features. They are incredibly sturdy, giving the blanket utmost durability and resistance to wear and tear. Its smooth and sleek finish is specifically intended to prevent the blanket from sticking to your skin.

     3. Durability

If you are a fan of Oceas products, you must have noticed their scrupulous designs. They take pride in designing chic products that are of impeccable quality. Their compact blanket is 100 percent durable and puncture-proof.

Ripstop polyester is famous for its robust features, and on top of the list is its puncture resistance. It can withstand any sharp objects, but it’s also dirt and waterproof. As such you can freely spread the blanket on any surface without having to worry about damaging it.

     4. Versatility

Oceas products as versatile as can be. Their compact pocket blanket is no different. You can take the blanket with you to any outdoor activity and it will always be useful. Besides spreading it on the ground while on picnics, you can use it as table cloth and spread it on the picnic table as well. Since it is waterproof and dirtproof, it is easy to clean up if anything spills on it. You also know that any spilled liquids won’t sip through to your picnic table.

It is the perfect beach blanket. It has built-in sand pockets, in which you can fill sand to protect it from flying away during those windy days at the beach. You can use this blanket in diverse situations, just practice creativity with this product and it will be more impressive with each use. Fun fact, you can also use it in place of an umbrella, as a sunshade, and even to tarp rain water, among other things.

Advantages of the Compact Blanket

There are way too many pros to this compact blanket. Its versatility is definitely its best feature. Some of the other things I appreciate about this blanket include:

  • The ease with which it folds and packs away into its carry pouch
  • Its lightweight, which makes it ideal to always carry around
  • Its water-resistant fabric, which makes it completely resourceful
  • The built-in metal stakes help keep the blanket secure and in place even in adverse weather

Disadvantages of the Pocket Blanket

You will often come across people who complain about the thin nature of the blanket. They mention that it is not the most comfortable blanket to sit on. I can’t disagree, but also if it were designed thicker it would no longer qualify as a pocket blanket. It would be too thick to fold and fit into your pocket. The whole point of this product is its compact nature, which makes it easy to carry around in your day-to-day life. I love and appreciate it as is. Come enjoy this product with me. It’s exceptional!


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