9 Insanely Useful Camping & Backpacking Products

9 Insanely Useful Camping & Backpacking Products

For us avid lovers of the outdoors, we are constantly seeking to better our experiences in nature. We all know the typical gear one needs to bring when embarking on a journey into nature (tents, sleeping bags, etc.), but here is a list of less known camping gear that is equally as useful! 


1. Waterproof Blanket 

The waterproof blanket is one of my favorite outdoor products because of its versatility. It's a comfy outdoor blanket with a waterproof backing, so you can stay snug and warm when it’s wet outside. Rather than getting drenched in the snow, you can stay cozy with the plush fleece draped over yourself. Do you like laying out on wet grass or mud? Of course you don't! This bad boy allows you to lounge anywhere in nature, making it a true camping necessity.  





2. Camping Pillow

I have spent countless nights moving rocks and twigs from underneath my sleeping bag to try and not feel like I’m being stabbed in the head. Instead of going through this suffering, I highly recommend getting a camping pillow. They are typically very lightweight, packable, and fairly inexpensive. I’m not one to complain about “roughing it out”, but getting a camping pillow has really made sleeping on the ground far more comfortable.


3. Sleeping Pad 

A similarly portable and compact outdoor product, a sleeping pad makes camping so much comfier. They typically self-inflate and can make a tremendous difference in getting a good night’s sleep before a big hike the next day.


4. Pocket Blanket 

These are extremely handy, especially if you’re doing a lot of backpacking and hiking. Pocket Blankets are essentially canvases that fold into a little pocket-sized pouch. Mine has built-in stakes so that you can stick the corners in the ground and not be worried about it blowing away in the wind. It’s so small you may forget it's even in your pocket!


5. Portable Hammock

Typically weighing under 2 pounds and pretty compact, portable hammocks are ideal for taking it all in! There are about 50 different types of hammocks, but I prefer ones that condense into a small pouch and have easy-to-use straps that wrap around a tree. I’ve had the greatest experiences setting up my hammock atop a mountain overlooking a glorious view. There’s really nothing better in the world!


6. Pop-up tent


My least favorite part about setting up camp after a long day of trekking is pitching a tent. I’m typically fairly worn out and I just dread the tedious process of laying out the canvas and poles and pitching, so I recently got myself a pop-up tent. Usually coming in a disc-shaped bag, you essentially undo a belt, release it out, and TA DA! You have a fully pitched tent in seconds!


7. Quick Dry Towel

Unlike regular towels, microfiber towels are highly absorbent, making them significantly better at cleaning dirty dishes and other surfaces. They are incredibly lightweight compared to a regular towel and don’t hold onto bacteria like cotton, which makes them far more convenient for the outdoors.


8. Outdoor Backpacking Stove


Especially when you’re way out in nature and there aren’t many safe places to start a fire, it’s essential to have a portable stove. These typically weigh very little, but are incredibly powerful, bringing water to a boil as quickly as the stove in your kitchen. I’ve had mine for years because even when I’m camping, I need to have my cup of Joe in the morning!


9. Hydration Pack

I can’t imagine backpacking without a hydration pack. Instead of carrying multiple water bottles, which takes up a ton of space, a hydration pack allows you to easily carry a few liters of water on your back.


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