Oceas Mylar Emergency Blanket - Review

Oceas Mylar Emergency Blanket - Review

Personally, I am a huge preparedness enthusiast, as we all should. I believe that is the first rule to survival. We never know when catastrophe will strike. Regardless, we never want to be caught unprepared. That’s why it is important that we have a well-stocked emergency kit with us at all times. That said, the mylar emergency blanket by Oceas is one of the must haves in your kit. Besides being incredibly affordable, the blanket is extremely versatile, not only during emergencies, but in your regular life as well.

When I first discovered Oceas, I was thrilled to try out their products. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? When they say they have taken emergency blankets to the next level, believe them. Their mylar blanket comes in a beautifully designed set, which means you get multiple space blankets in a single purchase. Their products feature the right amount of sleek, modern, and fashion all wrapped up in one tiny, compact carrying bag.

Oceas Space Blanket Set

First of all, there is no such thing as too many thermal blankets. However, even if you need just one, each of Oceas’ blankets is individually packed. As such, it is convenient to grab just one or two for the road. Their space blanket comes in a set of four beautiful thermal blankets that are significantly stronger than the industry average. Each blanket is packed separately, which means you get four high quality carry pouches in a single purchase.

Oceas understands your needs and takes care of them. If you are an adventurous soul like me, you want to easily carry your emergency blanket with you at all times without feeling inconvenienced or overburdened. Their compact carry bags ensure that your blankets can easily fit into tiny spaces, which gives you the perfect excuse to always have your mylar set with you. What about the weight? Valid question… they are extremely light; they almost add no weight to your luggage. I was surprisingly pleased to find out that they weigh less than 2oz.

When it comes to quality, you can never go wrong with Oceas. Their products are top notch and exceptional compared to the industry average. Emergency blankets are designed to be waterproof, and while most producers don’t even think of making carry bags, Oceas designs waterproof polyester bags and fits a set of four into highly durable EVA case just to give you that royalty treatment. Did I mention their EVA cases are completely reusable too? #fact

Other Important Features of the Oceas Space Blankets

  • They are 20% larger than normal to give you full body coverage
  • The carry pouches have an attached clip-on carabiner for easy carriage
  • As if that’s not enough, you also get a 1-year replacement warranty

Why Choose the Mylar Emergency Blanket by Oceas

      1.  Versatility

The best thing about my emergency blankets are their versatility. They come in handy in almost every situation, whether camping, running, hiking, or even fishing. Fun fast, fish are attracted to shinning objects, so I use my emergency blanket to reel them in.

      2.  Drying Clothes

When camping people tend to dry their clothes by spreading them on logs or tree branches, but that could leave your clothes dirty or torn. I love using my Mylar blanket instead. It provides a clean surface, and since it reflects light, my clothes dry even faster.

      3.  Cold Weather Dream Gear

When backpacking in cold weather, I’ll never worry about sleeping in cold temperatures again. I know my Oceas has me covered! I always spread it out on my mattress to prevent dampness and to retain my body heat. I use it as my carpet while camping and I never have to worry about wet grass or cold seeping in from the ground.

      4.  Sunshade

Sun rays can be unforgiving, especially when hiking or exploring the great outdoors. So, besides my sunscreen I love the convenience of my Mylar emergency blanket. I use them to retain my body heat, and reflect the heat from the scorching sun outward. It creates a cool and calming effect. You will definitely enjoy it. The aluminum material reflects 97 percent of radiated heat.

      5.  Romantic Dinner

Romantic dinners are the best relief to a week full of late nights and extra hours at work. I love candles, but sometimes thinking outside the box gives just the right amount of ignition to the mood. My walls are white, so I like lighting several candles and placing them on a table next to the wall. I then place my blanket behind the candles so that the reflective side shines the light from the candle onto the wall. I do the same on the left side of the room, and wallahhh. It sets the perfect tone to a romantic diner. Try it, your date will love it!

      6.  Growing Food

If you are not a nature enthusiast, but have read this far just because you are curious…I have something for you too. Emergency blankets can be very handy in promoting indoor farming. Use it to reflect light into a room that’s not particularly bright, especially during winter. At home food growth is economical and provides you with much healthier produce.

Cons of Oceas Mylar Blanket

People say that everything has its advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to this product, however, I have to disagree. Unlike most emergency blankets, the Oceas brand, is quite sturdy and not easy to rip. In fact, the company gives its customers 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love the blanket, you can return it and get your money back without any questions.

Space blankets are the real definition of versatile. Use them to explore your limits. But remember to be careful while at it. Since I bought my set, I have never left them out of my car. I always have them on roadtrips, as they always prove useful when I least expect it.

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