Oceas Waterproof Blanket - Review

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If you love the outdoors as much as I do, you can never go wrong with the Oceas outdoor waterproof blanket. This blanket is as good as you see in its adverts and more. Its versatility is on a whole other level. It is unlikely that you would get disappointed no matter how you choose to use this blanket. After using this product for some time now, I am completely sold on it. I want more! I will get a few pieces for myself and a couple as a gift to other outdoor lovers in my life. That’s how much I love and trust my camping blanket. Besides, these blankets come in a wide range of colors. As such, you can choose whichever color that best suits you. Mine is in royal blue. Every time I use it I can’t help but feel sassy and classy. It makes me feel so elegant even in the wildest outdoors. I can’t wait to explore more colors.

Waterproof Blanket Features

I know! You are thinking, “this is a review, why include a product features section?” Well, have you ever discovered something so good that you want to know everything about it? This is me and my Oceas blanket. I have done extensive research on the product and dived into the specifics just to understand the product and how it differs from its competitors. I would love to share some of that knowledge with you so you can also get acquainted.

The front of the blanket is made of polar fleece, which is a soft, cozy, and very warm material. It is perfect for cold weather, no matter how extreme. The blanket has a waterproof ripstop polyester backing, which gives it a much needed thickness, and increases the product’s versatility. The outside is made of waterproof polyurethane coating. This is the toughest waterproof material out there. It won’t let in any water droplets. You can use it to sit on wet grass and you will still be dry when you stand up. I’m sure the rain has caught you by surprise severally. If you have your waterproof blanket, you won’t need an umbrella or raincoat. You will be astonished! It just won’t keep you dry, but warm as well.

The 79" x 58” camping blanket is big enough to cover up to 3 adults comfortably. Irrespective of its huge size, it is quite lightweight. It is easy to fold and carry around, which gives you the perfect excuse to always pack it for all your outdoor adventures. As if that’s not enough, the blanket comes with a compact, portable carrying bag with sturdy handles. The bag is as high quality as the blanket and made from similar waterproof material. Besides being 100% waterproof, this camping blanket is also windproof, sand proof, and highly durable. You can carry it for a cozy sun busking experience at the beach. No more worries about windy adventures; this camping blanket completely blocks out the wind during any outdoor events.

Advantages of the Outdoor Blanket

As an adventurous soul, I have explored many types of blankets before coming across this brand. I can honestly say that it is by far the best camping blanket I have ever owned. I love my royal blue camping blanket so much that I never leave it out of my car. In case of any trip, abrupt or planned, I never want to miss it. There are many reasons for that. Some of them include:

It is way too cozy, which is a much needed comfort especially in the great outdoors

It is waterproof. This aspect of the blanket gives it extreme flexibility and unmatched versatility

It is the perfect size for my family of 3. Whenever I go camping with my family, I find that it’s big enough for all of us to fit in there comfortably. However, I plan on getting a few more pieces so that each one has their own camping blanket. That way, if one feels like rolling in there, they can do that and enjoy all that coziness.

It is very warm, which means I never have to worry about lacking sleep no matter how cold the campsite weather gets.

It is thick enough to lie on without feeling the pressure. In fact, you can comfortably lie on this blanket for hours

It is a lightweight camping blanket that has a waterproof and sand proof side. In my experience, it is by far the easiest camping blanket to clean and fold.

The fleece side of the blanket is soft and plush, which means you can enjoy coziness similar to the one you enjoy in your home even during the toughest adventures. Besides, the soft fleece material almost caresses you to sleep.

I love the fact that the blanket comes with its own waterproof cover. It makes it easy to pack and carry.

Disadvantage of My Waterproof Camping Blanket

Regardless of this one issue that I have noticed with my waterproof blanket, I still give it a 5 star rating. Due to the waterproof nature of the camping blanket, it is quite noisy especially when someone moves around. However, I don’t find that to be a deal breaker because I’m quite the heavy sleeper. Besides, I wouldn’t trade the waterproof feature for a less noisy blanket.

Adventurous Activities I've Had with My Camping Blanket

I have explored a lot with this camping blanket, and it has never disappointed me. It has followed me to my craziest adventures including:

  • Camping in a mountainous region
  • Forest Hikes
  • Soccer games
  • Beach Days
  • Picnics on green grass (sometimes the grass was very wet)

I have used my camping blanket as an umbrella on several occasions, and I can honestly say that it did a much better job every time. I have never been so in love with a product. Buy the Oceas outdoor waterproof blanket for your next camping adventure and I can assure you that you won’t regret it. You will love it too!


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