What is a Beach Blanket?

What is a Beach Blanket?

Who doesn’t love the beach, right? It is the best way to spend your free time. Whether alone or with your family, a day at the beach is always a lovely experience. For most of us, sitting on the sand while enjoying the soothing waves and radiating sun may be the perfect definition of relaxation. Except, sometimes, we just want to enjoy the view and the atmosphere without really getting ourselves covered in beach sand. That’s where the beach blanket comes in.

By Definition, a beach blanket is a blanket that one sits or lies on at the beach. It can also be referred to as a beach mat. When we come across the term, we tend to think of the traditional blanket we normally use to shield ourselves from cold especially when sleeping. A beach blanket does not share any similarity with that blanket. On the contrary, it is a lightweight, waterproof, sand proof blanket that mostly comes in a compact carry pouch. It is designed with exceptional materials to help achieve portability, efficiency, and usefulness in a tiny and stylish package.

The Oceas brand has several types of blankets, most of which can come in handy on your day at the beach. The one great thing about Oceas products is the versatility that comes with each single one. They are designed to effectively conquer the outdoors and achieve memorable moments for you and your loved ones.

Their waterproof fleece blanket for example gives you comfort and class during your outdoor adventures. It withstands and upholds its usefulness even in the most adverse weather conditions. It is a must have blanket, not only for the adventurous soul, but everyone else as well.

The blanket is designed to have a waterproof exterior and a very cozy and warm fleece interior. It is the perfect beach blanket to enjoy those sunny days at the beach. Its backing is made with the sturdy Ripstop Polyester material, which is not only waterproof, sand-proof, and windproof, but resistant to wear and tear as well. As such, you can be sure that it is an excellent purchase; one that gives you value for your money.

Besides durability, beach blankets are designed to give you superior comfort to your towels, sheets, or other clothes you spread on the beach. When thinking of a beach blanket, don’t think of it as a luxury, but a necessity to enjoying your day. A good quality beach blanket should be waterproof, sand-proof, and exceptionally durable. It should also be large enough to give you ample space, preferably easily accommodate 3-4 adults.

When getting a beach blanket, it is important to look into one that folds easily. It should come in a compact, yet perfectly fitting carry pouch for convenience and portability. Beach blankets are designed to be travel friendly so you can easily pack them for your trip.

Since there are so many beach blankets to choose from, you have to do your research and understand your needs.  Besides quality, you also have to consider your budget. There are many budget friendly beach blankets in your specific budget bracket, so understanding your needs is vital to a successful purchase.

Best Budget Beach Blanket

At Oceas, we provide you with the best beach blankets at a budget friendly rate. You will enjoy a wide range of features with our blankets, including comfort and efficiency. All our beach blankets are designed to be water and sand resistant to ensure you are always clean and protected. Our pocket blanket is especially compact for easy portability. It comes with built-in sand pockets and external metal stakes to keep the blanket in place and protect it from blowing away. Besides, it folds down to the size of a stack of cards, which means it perfectly fits into your pocket. If you are not looking to carry a bag, they got you covered.  It’s made with Ripstop Polyester that has a PU coating. Both are very sturdy materials and completely resistant to water, sand, and wind. Are you looking for a budget friendly beach blanket that’s considerably large, easy to clean and fold, and very stylish? The Oceas Pocket blanket is your new best friend then.

What are the Features to Look for in a Beach Blanket?


We cannot insist enough the importance of water, sand, and wind resistant material when choosing a beach blanket. When looking for comfort as well, fleece fabrics come at the top of the list. Don’t forget durability; you don’t want to keep making the same purchase over and again. Our waterproof fleece blanket offers you all of these features and more. It is a perfect choice and quite affordable too.


Size preference differs for each individual. It depends on your specific needs. If you are looking for a family size beach blanket, one measuring 12 feet by 12 feet should suffice.  It should easily fit up to 10 people. If you have a smaller family, however, our waterproof fleece blanket measures 79" x 58” and perfectly fits up to 4 adults.


No matter the situation, comfort is paramount. Thicker blankets offer much more comfort than their slimmer counterparts. However, this is always a double sided sword. If you are camping in the woods, and have to go through heavy terrain to access the beach, a slimmer, more lightweight blanket would be the sensible option. But if you prioritize comfort, then by all means have your way to a thicker blanket.


If you don’t plan on hand washing your blanket, choose one with only one layer. Multi-layered blankets tend to lose their adhesive properties when washed in the washing machine.  Always consider the maintenance requirements when choosing any product to avoid making purchases that don’t suit your needs.

If you are looking to buy your first beach blanket, this article should help you figure out what to look for and how to spot the blanket that suits your needs. Just remember, when it comes to the beach blanket, color is important. A black blanket will absorb heat, therefore, making it hotter. It is better to go with brighter colors as they reflect heat and keep you cooler.

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