Outdoor Camping Blankets

A Waterproof Outdoor Blanket bridges indoor comfort with outdoor adventure. Utilizing soft interiors and durable waterproof backings, we’ve created the ideal camping blanket that's big enough for 2!



What makes Oceas blankets so special? We’ve designed outdoor camping blankets that are built to take on the outdoors – no matter the weather – making them incredibly versatile for basically any outdoor occasion! Unlike sleeping bags, a camping blanket is ultra-warm AND totally waterproof, making ours the best camping blanket on the market!

A Camping Blanket That's 100% Waterproof?

The short answer is, YES. We created the best camping blanket collection that utilizes durable a ripstop polyester and is then coated with a leak proof & water-repellent Polyurethane to ensure there’s no water seeping, making our outdoor blanket collection the most versatile set of waterproof blankets on the market. We’ve hand-selected deliciously soft materials intertwined with durable, waterproof ones to create a warm and cozy outdoor experience that really protects you from the elements. Our fleece and Sherpa are stitched together with thick ripstop polyester, to bring you blankets that are all-business on the outside & all cuddles on the inside.


PICNIC BLANKET: While camping is totally our jam, we designed these blankets with true outdoor versatility in mind. Because each outdoor blanket in this collection is lined with a durable pu coating, water never seeps through - lay this baby on some soaking wet grass or wave-soaked sand without a drop of water soaking through and drenching your butt. A waterproof picnic blanket is bound to impress your family, friends, or even that special someone (and let’s face it, that’s why you’re taking them on a picnic date in the first place).

CAMPING BLANKET: We also know the downfall of other waterproof picnic mats you can find on the market, they’re totally tarp-like and are only good for laying on the ground. We’ve bridged together the functionality of those blankets with the comfort and warmth you seek in an indoor throw blanket, so you don’t have to compromise when you’re camping in your favorite national park.

STADIUM BLANKET: Because our outdoor blankets are made to keep you warm even in rain or snow, they are perfect as a stadium blanket. We know some of the best outdoor sports take place in the dead of winter (we’re looking at you football), and we’re here to get rid of any excuses your significant other might have to watch the game in your dingy living room instead of taking it on at the stadium.

Are Oceas' Outdoor Blankets Machine Washable?

Each waterproof blanket can be washed using a cold/delicate cycle. Because these bad boys are meant for the outdoors and can get pretty dirty, we highly recommend you keep them in their stuff sack before and after use, too!

How Portable & Compact are Camping Blankets?

Like a sleeping bag, a camping blanket folds and rolls into their stuff sack with ease and weighs less than a couple cans of soup! So, you can always have it handy for car camping or when you’re freezing cold around the campfire.