Packable Gear

Our Pocket blanket provides a dry clean space, anywhere in nature.



Finding the perfect balance of portability and durability is a tough line to tow, especially for those of us who are constantly on the go. We’ve created a product line of packable and compact gear, that leave you feeling uncompromised.

Compact & Portable Pocket:

Our travel gear is ideal for camping, hiking, backpacking, and even picnic adventures. They’re small and compact, yet durable and waterproof, so that you can take on the elements, without settling for sh*tty quality.

What is a Pocket Blanket?

The pocket blanket is the perfect small travel mat, as it folds into a bag that fits into your palm. And yet, it’s expansive enough to provide a dry space for picnics & functions as the perfect personal beach blanket.

Durable & Waterproof:

Waterproof, Sand proof, and nearly tear-proof, our pocket blankets are the perfect beach accessories, picnic blankets, & camping gear. They’re double coated with Polyurethane to ensure that water never seeps through and little twigs break under its strength.

Versatility in Your Palm:

Because they’re so compact & durable, our pocket blankets truly are built for any outdoor adventure. The perfect portable picnic blanket replacement, a beach blanket with built-in sand pockets, or the ideal travel blanket, the possibilities are truly endless. We even have customers that use them as camping tarps and rainflies during tough weather.

The Oceas pocket blanket is truly a dry, clean space, anywhere in nature.