Emergency Survival Gear

Mother Nature, in all her beauty, is incredibly unpredictable. Always be prepared for her wrath with our durable Mylar Emergency Space Blankets.



With our mission being “Get Outdoors”, we have expanded our product line into survival gear, to ensure that our customers are safe in any environment and can stay warm in frigid climates. Starting with our emergency blanket set, we’re bridging the gap between survival and luxury.


What is an Emergency Blanket?

A lot people ask us, how does an emergency blanket work? The truth is, we aren’t the geniuses behind mylar blankets, NASA is. They designed the material for space, to retain 90% of a human’s body heat making it the perfect survival blanket here on Earth.

What’s the Difference Between an Emergency Blanket, a Space Blanket, & a Mylar Blanket?

Absolutely nothing! Because they were originally designed for space, you might see emergency blankets often referred to as space blankets and because they’re made out of mylar, well…. you get the point. That being said, that doesn’t make all emergency mylar space blankets equal! So let’s talk about how we stand out from the pack.

How Does a Thermal Blanket Work?

Space blankets are actually incredibly thin and light but have a thermal conductivity that’s 5x better than air – basically, they prevent heat loss by radiating your own body heat back at you! They are designed to keep you warm better than even some of the thickest blankets out there.

Why Do You NEED a Mylar Blanket in Your Survival Kit?

For those of us that spend time in the wilderness, we understand all too well how brutal Mother Nature can be. That’s why we always take a survival pack filled with extra food, bandages, etc. Especially during the cold season, it’s absolutely vital that we have a first aid blanket with us that can protect us in an emergency from those freezing nights.

Why Choose Oceas Survival Gear?

Why do we think Oceas’ emergency blankets are the best survival gear out there? We’ve worked to create the first of its kind emergency blanket set, with a durable waterproof EVA case. We then hand wrapped each individual mylar blanket, so you can take one at a time on the go.

When it comes to survival, you don’t want to buy cheap a cheap, plastic bag wrapped space blanket, you want the most durable emergency blanket set on the market.